About Me

I’m Seaver, Siv in short, and I’m from Poland. I’m gamer, designer and engineer’s student. I have artist soul and weird taste/style. I am also a writer and musician. I speakcesoria English as you can see and learning few another languages. I’m app-user and tester of a lot of techniCal stuff from user point of view. I am a human. I have a feelings.  I have a life (more or less). I have dignity. I am not a racist. I am 3rd person observer. I analize what I see, hear, taste, smell and feel. I love TV shows and movies. I like to draw. I like to sing and play instruments (ones better others worse). I try to appreciate a world around me as it is all I can do. I have part-time job as a loteam of people. I’m just a regular person.