To Dance

Lately I was wondering how it is to dance. How someone has to be brave to do that. When I’moved watching someone dancing I always wonder how nice would it be to feel so much freedom. I want that too. Maybe I start dancing? Never mind.  It’s just another kind of art. Showing people your soul by moving freely in the rhythm of music. So yeah… You have to be brave to do that and no one will convince me otherwise. Oh and also you have to be confident about yourself… I was watching a video today about this woman on YouTube she told her story about her 30 days of learning how to dance. It was story just about learning the moves but about learing the truth about yourself. And how it freed her when she learnt to dance. She kinda inspired me to do that myself.  But not in front of people and under the keeping eye of trainers but in my home when no one watches… I think right now it’s the only way for me to learn to dance. I’m not confident. I’m not brave. I’m full of fear and other crap. So Yeah I’m just that. I don’t think I will have the same results as her as I don’t want people to see me dance but I hope I will find some answers…

Here’s the video of woman I wrote about

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 that’s the video